Four Do's and Don't's for Using Animal Prints for Baby's Nursery

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    Babies are the cutest creatures on earth and nothing is cuter than a baby with a baby animal. If you can't or don't want to have the real thing in your nursery; the next best is lots of stuffed animals and fabric with animal prints. Everyone is wild about animal prints in blankets, towels, carpets, wallpaper and of course in large stuffed animals. Cheetah and giraffe have long been favorites; but now zebra and leopard have joined the fashion parade. Animal prints are available in bright pink, blues, lavender, navy as well as the realistic shades of brown. beige and black. Who says a baby nursery has to be pink and blue. Remember baby only sees black and white when they are first born and the primary colors are the next colors they notice.

    Here's our guide for the Do's and Don't's for adding  Animal Prints to your nursery. Spice up the nursery and stimulate baby's senses when you add animal prints.

    • Don't be afraid of bold prints. Pick bright colors and large patterns such as zebra and giraffe

    • Don't be cautious about mixing prints. Giraffes and leopards are cool together.

    • Don't worry if the colors aren't realistic. Just because a giraffe is brown doesn't mean you can't take some artistic license and enjoy a hot pink giraffe patterned blanket.

    • Don't match everything. If you like zebra, don't have zebra wallpaper, carpet, blankets ,etc.

    • Do have a theme so that everything has a reason for being there.

    • Do try to keep a sense of balance and scale.

    • Do use coordinating colors. 

    • Do use accent colors. If everything is the same color it becomes boring. Add a hot pink or red to a black and white or brown color scheme.

    Little Giraffe Snow Leopard Baby Blanket