Five Baby Christmas Gifts That Will Never be Thrown Away

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Are you tired of shelling out a lot of cash each Christmas to buy the newest toy or game for your kids; only to find it broken or discarded by New Years Day. Well, it is time you started investing your money in gifts that are keepsakes. There are many gifts that stand the test of time and will be just as cherished and loved many Christmases from now.

Don't waste your money on the latest movie themed gift; they are outdated before you even see them. Don't trust the hype telling you what ever kid needs. Think about the things that really matter to a child and you are on your way to selecting a gift that will be remembered. Handcrafted and personalized baby gifts are never discarded and only become more important to the child as time goes by. So if you can make something yourself for your child or have a grandparent knit a blanket, paint a picture or hand tool a toy , you have found the magic way to your child's heart. In this busy world , if you don't have the talents to create something yourself , we can help.

If you need some help, here are our top five  suggestions for a magical Christmas gift.

 1. Stuffed animals are always a hit.  The softness of a personalized jelly cat bunny will linger in a baby's memory forever. If you add a name on the ear, you have created the cherished friend that your child will take to bed every night when he is little and when he grows up will be placed on a shelf in his room to remember.

2. A birth announcement pillow says it all.  A crisp white cotton linen pillow with all the details of his birth will decorate the nursery when a baby is small but will be  a part of every home that your child lives in as he journeys through life. Select a three letter monogram for the personalization or names. There is room to add birthdate, weight and even time of birth. Think about, how many times you have wondered what exact time you were born. Your little one will always have a permanent record of these important statistics right on his pillow. There are so many colors  and designs that you can choose in addition to the classic white pillow.

3. A custom quilt will not only keep baby warm and decorate his nursery but can be a collage of memories. Fabric used in the stitching of the quilt can be scraps of family heirlooms like lace handkerchiefs, pieces from christening gowns, wedding gowns and favorite toys. In the squares of the quilt, a history of the family can be embroidered. Names of grandparents, places of origin or any message you wish to have remembered can be  incorporated in the design.

4. Books can also become a treasured gift. Write a special message in the cover of the book with the date and your name. Signed books will never be discarded. Read these books to your child at bedtime to create a family ritual. As these board books are reread years later, they will be a reminder of your love.

5. Pass on a family heirloom. If you have something old, that has a special meaning like a book, a toy, a religious icon  or a piece of jewelry; give it to your child and tell him the story that goes with the memento. Trust him to carry the family history with him and pass it on to future generations of your family.