Fashion Forward Baby Gifts

Fashion Forward Baby Gifts

Posted by on Apr 27th 2018

Baby Gifts always reflect the seasons biggest trends in adult fashions. This spring gray continues to be the choice for gender neutral ;but brights are big. Hot pinks, turquoises, ocean blue and even yellow is making a come back. Yellow used to be the most popular choice for baby before people could determine their child's sex before birth. Ever since LALA LAND glamorized the yellow dress; we predict yellow may become the new gender neutral color again. A lot of parents believe that children should not be programmed into male or female roles ; therefore, some families prefer grays, whites, black, green and yellow for the nursery.

Trending this year are stripes. The vertical stripe is in voque and we feature it on our baseball hooded everykid  3 Marthas towel. Also, very popular are horizontal stripes which are always cool on baby pillows and baby blankets for boys and girls.When it comes to striped ; the coolest blanket is Little Giraffe's luxe pinstripe blanket. It is available in a luscious shade of pink or blue and in a handsome charcoal gray for the gender neutral rage that is all over today's nurseries.

Olive Drab is back to expect to see a lot of camouflage in clothing and accessory. One of our most popular baby wipe cases is camouflage. These wipe cases are handy for moms on the go and contain just the right amount of sterile wipes to handle the messiest job. The fabric is great for hiding dirt and is gender neutral. Our embroidered names or monograms makes the a must have for every baby boy or girl..

We are so happy to see gingham the adult fashion world. It has always been a staple for baby towels, receiving blankets and bibs. Gingham wasn't always checked. It began as striped fabric imported from India, Malaysia, and Indonesia- the cross hatch didn't arrive until the 18th century. Traditionally, gingham was most popular in the summer time and was a symbol of innocence. For baby, gingham is always in style for all four seasons.

Personalization continues to symbolize elegance and style. Adding a name or monogram in beautiful matching or contrasting threads is a way of enhancing every baby gift . This timeless tradition is the easiest way to customize a baby gift.

With so many small boutiques closing; it is harder and harder to find quality baby gifts. Amazon has taken over the world with free shipping and a consolidation of productions so that only the more common products that appeal to the masses are shown. When you are looking for some different ; something that will define you as a person with good taste; please think of where we specialize in the finest personalized baby gifts on the market.