Every Client Loves to Get a Baby Gift

Every Client Loves to Get a Baby Gift

Jul 11th 2015

When should you send a baby gift to a client? The minute you hear about a baby's birth to anyone you do business with, send a present. This is how you get your customers to be loyal to your company. A little gratitude and appreciation goes a long way. People like to be noticed. So when your customers have a new baby, send a personalized corporate baby gift.

Gifting is a great way to engage your clients; it increase referrals and customer advocacy. Everyone likes to feel important. When you acknowledge  milestones in people's lives like the birth of a new baby, you create engagement and empathy. Goodwill is not an old fashioned concept. People buy from people not companies and once you develop a personal relationship with clients, you have won them over . How many times, do you hear someone say , I would never leave my stock broker or my dentist because he cares about me. Even if they can make better returns on their money or find a cheaper service, they hesitate to leave a company that befriends them.

Trust and goodwill are easy to build when you take a personal interest in your clients. You don't have to be a large company to create a company gift. Businesses of all sizes can send a baby gift. A signature gift can be a personalized baby blanket that is sent to all clients who have babies or a baby stuff embroidered with a company logo.

A larger company can create a gift bearing the company logo. At we digitize logos in all shapes and sizes at minimum costs. All you need to do is send us a copy of your company logo and our workshop does the rest. Once a logo is digitized it can be embroidered on anything from a plush toy to a baby blanket.  Color threads can be used to match the company colors and you can select any colors that you would like. Imagine sending a gift for a baby boy with your business logo beautifully embroidered in the corner or middle of a blue blanket. Or sending an equally smashing blanket in pink for the newest baby girl in the company. You will be amazed at the positive response you will receive from everyone who receives one of our caring gifts.