Discover The Art of Gifting to Millennial Parents

Posted by on Nov 14th 2017

Discover hundreds of wonderful baby gifts that are right for the #millennial parents. Parenting has changed with the advent of the birth of 82 percent of all children to millennial mothers. More than 16 million millennials , born between 1980 and 2000 have become mothers. This number is predicted to increase by a million every year. Their parenting styles are different than earlier generations. Their babies are given hastags at birth; their sonograms are on instagram; their baby's are given You Tube Channels from the first sign of life.They even pick baby names that will be available as twitter handles for the future.

This generation is  challenging the definitions of what makes up family. No longer is a family unit a married couple and a baby. More and more couples are choosing to have babies before they marry. Many single mothers are choosing parenthood artificially or with a friend. With the acceptance of gay marriage; many families are made up of two fathers or two mothers.

Google has become their go to for advice about raising baby. They research everything on line. Grandparents and books are no longer the source for information.

But one thing remains the same; they still want the finest products for their newborns. They want their kids happily hanging out with playful, fun and unique things. These distinctive gifts found only in our store with premium personalization in a rainbow of colors and elegant fonts will fill the bill.. Adorable plush bunnies from Jellycat, soft elegant baby blankets made in America , finely stitched hooded towels, luxurious cashmere baby blankets and beautifully cellophane wrapped gift baskets will delight and surprise your friends and family this holiday season or any time. Knowing that your gift will ensure that baby is immaculately kitted out in the softest blanket cuddling the plushest stuffed toy or security blanket is our promise to you

Family members who want to send a baby gift for the newborns of millennials are often perplexed.  Parents are no longer referred to as  mom and dad; co parenting is the way to go. Gender neutral is the new normal. The families of these millennials don't know what to do when it comes to gift giving . At Namely Newborns will do: Finding the perfect baby gift is as easy as one two three for us . Our personal shoppers will share our experience with you and  assist you ever step of the way if you need advice or assistance in creating a custom blanket or personalizing a bib. We know how to monogram a blanket for a baby who has several last names and is the child of two mothers or two fathers. We understand the colors that will work in the modern day nursery. Gone are the days when you could assume that a blue blanket was the right choice for baby boy and that pink was always going to make everyone smile.

Many millennials prefer gender neutral. Years ago , green was the "go to color"; then brown became everyone's favorite choice. For the last few years; gray has been the coolest color for the baby gifts. this color allows the personalization to be feminine or masculine with the selection of pink or blue embroidery. Black and gray embroidery are very popular as well. Turquoise is also a popular choice for gender neutral gifts.

These new parents are super involved with all of the aspects of their new babies life. The choice of a name is paramount and they enjoy seeing that name everywhere. So whatever baby gift you choose, make it personalized and you will make everyone happy.