Create an Awesome Baby Gift Basket in Seven Steps

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To create a big splash at a baby shower, send an awesome Baby Gift Basket. Nothing shows your love for the new baby and its parents more than this thoughtful gift. Yes, the sum is more the total of the parts and the impact that a beautifully wrapped gift basket will have will be remembered. It may seem daunting to build an incredible basket of gifts, but here are seven easy steps to guarantee the basket of your dreams.

1. First decide whether you will create a unisex basket or one specifically for a boy or girl.

2.Choose a color scheme. While traditional themes like pink and lavender for girls and blue and navy for boys are still popular, there are no hard and fast rules. Be creative.

  • The coolest neutral color scheme is now gray; other neutral colors such as yellow, green, orange, red, white and brown can be used.
  • Gray or brown can be combined with blue and pink for a fabulous baby boy or baby girl basket.

3. Pick a theme for your basket. Consider the family that will receive the basket. Look for clues from their hobbies and interests. if they love sports, choose a baseball, football or soccer theme. If fishing or boating is their passion try to find items with appliqued fish or boats in nautical colors. If the parents are eco- conscious , fill your basket with organic items in a reusable container which will show your respect for their interest in the environment..For crafty people, try to include handcrafted items.  Always make your gift fun and child like and select  cute baby themes like animals, or geometric patterns like dots and stripes..

4. Find the right basket. It must be the correct size. You don't want it to look empty nor do you want your gifts spilling out of the sides.. You could also go for a reusable containers that would be functional and could be filled with your gifts. A diaper cady , diaper bag, toy wagon or even a baby bath make wonderful foundation to build a basket around..

  • For traditional baskets, many prefer smooth and soft baskets that the baby could come in contact with.
  • For wood, wicker, and similar baskets be sure to check for splintering.
  • If the basket has paint or varnish, make sure that it does not flake and that it is nontoxic.

5. Find the Best Gifts. Pick one or two major gifts to build your basket around. A beautiful baby towel, plush toy or hooded towel are good choices. If you know the baby's name, personalization is a fabulous addition. Have the name or monogram embroidered on the item in matching or contrasting embroidery tread. Don't fill your basket with meaningless plastic items from the local drugstore. Sometimes, less is more. You don't want your gifts thrown out in the morning trash.

6. Now it is time to build the basket. Here is how to proceed!

  • Line the bottom of the basket with a thin colored tissue paper and filler
  • Letting the corners of the tissue come just above the edge of the basket.
  • Add your largest gifts first. If one is larger than all of the others make it your centerpiece and build down . If you have two items like a towel and blanket of equal height, put one in each corner of the basket.
  • Add your other gifts to the basket in a visually appealing way interspersing filler or tissue paper between items as necessary. Keep heavier items towards the bottom. Great choices to include .
    • A soft security blanket
    • One-size baby clothing (unless the size of the baby is known).
    • Gift cards to baby stores for the parents.
    • Small toys.
    • Stuffed animals.
    • Picture frames.
    • Bibs and burps.
    • Baby board books.
    • Remember, you can include gifts for both the baby and the parents.

7. The final step is to Wrap the basket. Once you are finished assembling your gifts, step back and take a good look. Take a picture with your cell phone and study the effect. You may need to tweak the basket before the final stage. When you are completely satisfied, wrap the entire basket in clear or colored plastic. This can be done with a pre-sized plastic wrapping bag or a cellophane sheet. Use a wrapping sheet by placing the basket over the sheet, grabbing all four corners, and pulling them up and over the handle of the basket. Bunch the plastic together above the basket and secure it with tape and ribbon. If you use clear cello wrap, cut the paper carefully with scissors and place the basket in the middle, bring the four corners up and tape first. You may need to add tape to the corners where the clear wrap separates. Once everything is secure tie with tulle or curling ribbon. Select a ribbon color that will accent or complement your gift.

  • The leftover ribbon can be tied into a bow or curled for visual appeal
  • Add your gift card; Make sure that your card is firmly attached to the outside of the basket with your hand written message. Sign your full name unless you are a close friend or relative. If the basket goes through the mail, make sure that you add an address to your card especially if you are a friend of the grand parents or a business acquaintance.