Corporate Guide to to Baby Gifts

Corporate Guide to to Baby Gifts

Posted by namely newborns on May 29th 2015

Does your Company send a Baby Gift to  Corporate Clients and Employees?

If the answer is yes; you have discovered an advertising tool that is simple to use and very effective for increasing your company's branding in the easiest way. There are many ingredients for a successful company; but getting along with employees is a  number one issue. For a few dollars, your company gift sends a warm and positive signal into the workplace that you care about your corporate family and clients. Surveys have discovered that loyalty and hard work in the work place is not just about what an employee is paid, but how they are treated. You can't buy loyalty,but if an employee and client feel valued, loyalty is a natural result.

Gift Giving in the work place has certain guidelines that are different than ordinary gifting. Namely Newborns has been providing corporate baby gifts for many companies since 2003 and we have developed a list of do's and don't over the years that we would like to share with you.

  • The number one suggestion is to be consistent with whatever gift you designate as your company's baby gift.
  • There can be levels of gifts. Sending one signature gift to executives and another version for employees  and another for corporate clients is perfectly fine..You would be surprise dat  how many people compare what they receive; your company avoids a lot of jealousy and back biting if the gifts are the same for everyone.
  • The most popular selection is a personalized baby blanket. But hooded towels, plush toys and gift baskets make wonderful corporate baby gifts.
  • Add your company logo or message to the chosen item. Now the item is more than a gift, but a trophy to proudly show to the employee's friends and families that their company cares about them.
  • Personalize the gift with the three letter monogram or name of the baby.You will be amazed at the positive reactive that a personalized baby gift will receive. 

When you select your signature gift; be sure to be consistent. Pick a version for a boy and one for a girl and send the same gift to everyone in your company. We would like to share a story with you about a corporate client that didn't follow this important rule.

Here's what happens if you are not consistent. One of our private day schools selected a beautiful blanket in blue and in pink for their pregnant teachers. For years , whenever a teacher gave birth; this blanket was presented at the school shower. Everyone looked forward to this specific blanket and proudly covered their baby with it as a badge of loyalty to the school and a statement that belonged to a special work place.

After six years, a member of the school's "sunshine" committee decided that it would be more creative to give each teacher a different gift. So she picked out a towel for one, a stuffed animal for a second and books for a third. We actually got calls from the teachers complaining that they didn't like the school's gift and could we exchange it for a blanket.Of course, we couldn't because the gift they received was personalized.

The teachers became more and more upset because they all looked forward to this amazing blanket. It had become a signature gift from the school and it was more than a blanket but a reward for their hard work and they wanted the blanket back as the employee gift. It was very awkward in the beginning because feelings were hurt ; but eventually the school reinstated the original gift and every one was happy.