Colorful Baby Gifts are Back

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Baby Blankets are still the number one gift for the newborn. And bold colored blankets are making a come back . Although pink and blue are still the popular choices and gray is currently the "go to " gender neutral color; brights are seen popping up everywhere.

Baby gifts follow market trends and the consensus at the recent #gift show at the Jacob Javitts center in New York City is that home fashions and clothing are now featuring color for the first time in the last few year.
Gone are the monochromatic rooms of beige and gray. Color is everywhere.

 Our baby gifts reflect that trend and our brightly colored baby blankets are selling fast . In first place are purples, lavenders and shades of aqua and turquoise. Moms love turquoise as an alternative to pink and blue. Adding pink embroidery to turquoise is feminine and sharp and any dark shade of gray or aqua works for boys or girls. Hot pink is becoming more popular for baby girl and orange is still cool for either boy or girl. Green and yellow are colors of the past and no longer the gender neutral safety gift that they once were.

Whenever you select a bright colored blanket; you can be extra creative with embroidery colored threads. White or cream is always a safe bet; but pairing a hot colored blanket with equally bright personalization like orange, turquoise,red or purple can result in a sensational gift. Because of the demand for these bold colors, you will see plum bunnies  and turquoise giraffes as well as traditional brown or gray stuffed animals. So far strollers and carseats are still the ubiquitous gray but on the streets of major cities; purple and red strollers are often spotted.

Watch out for this new trend and make sure that your next baby basket contains something bright to attract baby's attention. The basic blue or pink baby gift set will look even sharper when you add a colorful security blanket ,baby blanket, hooded towel, bunny or bib.