Chooze a Science Based IOS app to Help Make Choosing a Baby Name Easier

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At we have been embroidering baby names on personalized gifts for over fourteen years. We have seen more names for babies than you can imagine. Some of them are trendy and cute; others are classic and represent a family history. Some are difficult to spell and pronounce; others are gender neutral so it  is hard to tell from the name whether the baby is a boy or a girl. When names are very different or difficult we have even made mistakes in our embroidery by reversing or leaving out a letter which , of course, we always correct. But we wonder if we have trouble with a name, what is the child going to run into later in life if a name is not a good choice.

A baby name is very important. It is the very first gift a newborn is given. A name is a human's identity card and usually follows them from cradle to grave. It can influence how a child views himself or  how society treats him. Most parents take a great deal of time making this selection.It is an awesome decision for a parent to make this choice. Here are some facts about  a new app that helps with the decision in a scientific manner.

Chooze is a science-based iOS app that helps expectant parents decide on the best name for their baby.

  • Chooze taps into the naming process at the final stage when parents are choosing between final names and need a tie-breaker
  • Chooze is built on the principles of cognitive psychology - expectant parents are asked to associate names with negative and positive topics and Chooze measures the speed of association to uncover their subconscious preferences
  • Chooze is backed by 2 leaders in the field of cognitive psychology, Professor Ran Hassin, Former Head of the Cognitive Science Department at Hebrew University, and Professor Eran Chajut, Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the Open University in Israel
  • The process of baby naming is one that's been largely unchanged for generations - Chooze represents one of the few innovations in a space that affects nearly all of us
  • While people used to live in small communities and pull from a small source of names, now the world is smaller than ever and people have access to huge databases - this is something that only exacerbates the stress of picking names. Chooze is an answer to the problem of too many choices and helps parents navigate the process.
  • Chooze, normally priced at $1.99, is currently available for $0.99 to celebrate our official launch. Check out the website and download the app.
  • Some Frequently Asked Questions:
    How does it work?

    Chooze is inspired by well tested methodologies in psychological science. Similar tests are being used for different measurements in multiple fields of psychological research. Chooze is designed to uncover your your unconscious preferences.

    Who Are the People from Chooze?

    They are a team of psychologists, software engineers, designers & product management professionals." We’ve known each other for a long time and Chooze has always been an idea that we didn’t find time to develop. Fortunately, we’ve found the time and right team members to join the ride. We are always happy to listen to our users, if you have any suggestions or thoughts please contact us."

    Why do I need to enter names I dislike/hate?

    Chooze works best by measuring your response to different stimuli (Words, names etc.). By adding a category of names you do not like we enhance the difference between different response times, thus increasing the tests’ accu

    Does it work every single time?

    Does the test work every single time? Yes. Does it mean that the results will stay the same forever (If you enter the same names again)? No. Does it mean that the test cannot be manipulated? No.

    I took the test twice and got a different response.

    The measurement system used in this app is very sensitive to environmental noise. So if you were disturbed, or otherwise not concentrated, the results may have changed. In general, strong preferences fluctuate less, and the more tests you do the more stable is the result.

    Let us know what you think about this new app. Do you think it will work for you or one of your friends? email