Can Mothers Help Prevent Global Warming

Posted by on Aug 17th 2017

Can we as mothers help global warming with our choices for raising our children. Some say global warming doesn't exist. It is a product of our imagination. Our government denies it but all you have to do as an average citizen is to step outside in any season and see that something is awry.

The weather has become scary. Temperatures in summertime climb to low 100's in parts of Europe. California has either no rain and forest fires or too much rain. Hurricanes are getting stronger and causes flooding. Moon tides are dangerous and low level streets are underwater. Winters start later or earlier and last way into spring. Some parts of the world never get the warm days of sunshine while other parts are parched with tremendous heat. We hear reports that the ice caps are melting.These are major problems which need to be solved. We shouldn't throw up our hands and say we are only a small family - what can we do?

Well, as moms we can do plenty if we start with our family.

"Many of us already known that food products grown under certified organic conditions benefit our health and our planet better as more sustainable methods are employed. In addition, less chemical fertilizers and more fair trade policies are implemented during such production. However, have you ever wondered about certified organic personal care and home products, such as shampoos, baby diapers made out of organic cotton or even soft toys that we choose for our beloved little ones? Is there a difference between consuming organic and conventional home products?"

Baby's delicate skin and lungs are very vulnerable so it is important to understand what baby' toys, blankets and clothing are made of; and to buy from trusted sources that stand behind their products. It is also important to wash all products in baby certified detergents before using new baby items.

At we try to offer a selection of baby gifts that are eco-friendly and organic. We embroider many blankets made of 100% cotton. We try to include organic plush toys and blankets from trusted manufacturers like Apple Park and Under the Nile who pride themselves on sustainable organic products free from pesticides. Many of our blankets are made from muslim which is a pure breathable cotton. Angel Dear has a line of beautiful double layered muslin which can be personalized. Many of our eco-friendly blankets are woven on a small loom that is powered without electricity. The baby blankets have fringes which are tied by hand. This naturally environmentally sensitive cotton blanket is created without leaving a carbon footprint.

Did you know that cashmere baby blankets naturally organic?Cashmere fibers are trimmed from the underside of special cashmere goats in China and India. No harm is done to the animals because they need to be trimmed any way. The fur grows back quickly. Meanwhile, this amazing water resistant fiber is spun into yarn which can be woven into the most awesome products for baby. Cashmere blankets are cool in summer yet warm enough for winter because this fiber is nature's way of offering natural air conditioning. Our personalized cashmere blankets come in a plethora of cool styles from classic cable stitch to tarsi woven designs.

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Cotton is the king of organic fabrics. It's usefullness and beauty is endless. It is one of the oldest fabric used throughout history. And yes , it can be organic if the cotton is grown without pesiticides and meets rigid specifications. Our personalized baby blankets from Robbie Adrian are as elegant and sophisticated as any blanket on the planet. Soft organic cotton is trimmed with a silk ruffle in pink or blue. Did you know that silk is naturally organic because it is spun from silk worms ; it is a natural product. It washes and wears well. There no harmful perfumes next to baby's skin and the blanket can be personalized with names and birth dates. It is a environmentally friendly keepsake that will shine at any baby shore or naming.