Black Cashmere Poncho - Travel Wrap & Pashmina

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Cashmere Poncho Is a Great Travel Wrap

The most luxurious gift  is cashmere. Our dress topper cashmere ponchos are so light weight that they can slip into a purse yet warm enough to keep you covered in air conditioning or on a cool night .They have so many uses and you will want more than one to accent your wardrobe. Layer up with these elegant cashmere toppers or tie them around your neck as a scarf for extra warmth. There are actually four different ways to wear this practical cover up.  Slip it over your head and wear it as a topper - 20 inches in the front and down to the hips in u back. Or, wear it with the seam down the arm and it becomes an asymmetrical poncho. Keep it in a rectangle and use it to cover your shoulders or fold it  Measuring 20 inch in front and hip length in back. One size fits all and they are available in 46 colors.

Order this black poncho in cashmere today. Dry Cleaning is recommended but we wash ours by hand and lie flat on a white towel .