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The Ultimate Bib Baby is the only bib your baby will ever need! Save money, time and aggravation with only one easy purchase of the Mini Bib. Can be personalized for a beautiful and practical personalized baby gift.Shown in yellow with green trim. Made in America! Ships immediately. but if personalized baby gifts arrive 5-7 days plus ship time. Money back / Lifetime Guarantee! •The first, the last, the only bib you will ever need •Instead of 5 bibs a day, you can use one all week •Lasts for years •NEVER STAINS •NEVER SMELLS •Wipes clean instantly keeping clothes fresh & clean. •When feeding, no more dirty, soiled clothes! •Feeding becomes less stressful for mom •Machine washable •Lightweight breathable fabric •Poly/Lycra Blend •Non Toxic •No snaps, velcro or ties, easily slips over the head and through the armholes Size: 13 in. x 17 in. Neck Hole: 8 in.

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