Baby Muslin

Muslin is the most natural fabric for baby products. All parents want their babies to be safe and comfortable. Nothing guarantees these wishes more than whisper soft baby blankets, towels, bibs and security blankets made from muslin. It is hard to believe that the more you wash them instead of wearing out, they just get softer to the touch. 100% cotton and very breathable; they let the air circulate around your newborn while keeping the chill out. It is almost like having an automatic air conditioning or heating unit that regulates the temperature so that baby is never too hot or too cold. He always feels just right.

It is amazing how this works so naturally.The open weave of the fabric makes it more breathable which helps sooth infants by creating a cozy “womb-like” environment, reducing sudden movements (startle reflex) that wake a sleeping baby — so babies fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer. The lightweight breathable fabric allows air to flow, helping regulate body temperature, which keeps infant from overheating (reducing the risk of SIDs). These lightweight muslin fabric are not new ; they have been around for centuries but the way we are using them is modern and with it. Swaddling with muslin is an age old technique that produces calmer and healthier babies.

Our Dream blankets and swaddle blankets don't have just any old pattern printed on them; they scream fun and modern. Adorable animals like monkeys, giraffes and owls are among the whimsical designs that decorate these practical necessities. Basic but beautiful the myriad of designs will wake up the most basic nursery. Since almost all baby accessories like strollers and carsets are gray; a splash of color in these exciting fabrics is a welcome sight. A baby who sleeps through the night is a joy so when you find a blanket that makes baby comfortable not only do you have a happy baby but a happy mom.

Muslin Fabrics for Baby have a ton of uses.

1. Swaddling

2. Burping

3. Used as a cover to give  mom privacay while breast feeding

4. Covering the stroller to protect baby from sun and wind

5. Keeping baby warm

6. Protecting the crib sheet so the sheets don't have to be changed as often