We Have to Protect our Children


We  take care of our babies when they are tiny but who will take care of them when they are in school. This recent shooting at Parkland in Florida is the #"unimaginable". Meanwhile the NRA gives massive contributions to our Politicians. Almost $7 million dollars of NRA money has gone to John Mc Cain. Over $3million dollars to Senator Marco Rubio from Florida to name just a few/

There is no reason on earth for any one of any age to own an assault rifle. Mothers and grandmothers need to fight the NRA and require our politicians to outlaw guns before we have to become part of a #meetoo campaign. The writing is on the wall and we have to turn our feelings into actions.

At Namely Newborns we have dedicated our careers to providing beautiful safe baby gifts for over 15 years. Some of our babies are old enough to have been in that high school and could have been among the dead and wounded. We are going to donate 25% of all profits to organizations that will help control guns. Please contact us at info@namelynewborns.com if you have any thoughts or suggestions. We all have to do something.

Trending Colors for Baby Gifts 2018

Colors for baby gifts have always been pink and blue; but this year we are in for a change.  Hundreds of years ago; believe it or not- little boys were dressed in pink. Not too long ago, children were dressed as miniature versions of their parents. Only in the last few decades have infants developed [...]

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Six Items not to Buy for Your Baby's Nursery

In the excitement of getting ready  for baby; one of the great joys is furnishing the nursery. New parents want to get everything they might possibly need. They register on line and in stores. They shop and look and dream. Everything looks appealing and they want it all. It is so confusing for the first [...]

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Discover The Art of Gifting to Millennial Parents

Discover hundreds of wonderful baby gifts that are right for the #millennial parents. Parenting has changed with the advent of the birth of 82 percent of all children to millennial mothers. More than 16 million millennials , born between 1980 and 2000 have become mothers. This number is predicted to increase by a million [...]

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The Birth of a Baby Makes an Ordinary Day Extraordinary

The birth of a baby turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. So we don't want you to ruin it by giving the baby just any old present. The old expression when you give someone what they want; you have given the best gift is just as true for a baby as for an [...]

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Tips for a Small Business to Survive a Hurricane

It is difficult to keep a #small business running in #hurricane season.September is the cruelest month of the year in South Florida. This season we have been pummeled with one storm after another. The stress of trying to secure a home, worry about your kids and then to try to keep a business going especially [...]

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Line A Day - A New App for Journalling

Years ago, new mom kept records of all of baby's milestones in a book. The memories of baby's first years are ones you will always cherish; but as a new mother you may be too busy to fill in a book or keep a scrap book about baby's first year. We heard about an amazing [...]

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Can Mothers Help Prevent Global Warming

Can we as mothers help global warming with our choices for raising our children. Some say global warming doesn't exist. It is a product of our imagination. Our government denies it but all you have to do as an average citizen is to step outside in any season and see that something is awry.The weather [...]

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What If you Hate your baby's Name

We have often wondered what happens if after a  while you decide that you don't like your baby's name?Namely Newborns has been personalizing baby gifts since 2003. Since the beginning of our business career we have embroidered an unbelievable number of baby names. These names range from classics like Jonathan and Emily to the most unusual names imaginable. [...]

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What Are the Coolest Baby Gifts for a New Mom?

A new mom needs so many things for baby's first year. The big items like cribs and car seats are usually gifted by close friends and family at showers. But that is only the beginning. Baby needs so much else.]Baby accessories are the finishing touch - the icing on the cake for a colorful nursery [...]

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